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Quality has always been an important element when choosing a service provider for bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or commercial remodeling services. This is true irrespective of your budget or the size of your property.

While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest quote, it is important to understand that the quality of work services provided will last much longer than the effect of the price on your finances. By investing in high-quality services at the onset, you are assured your property is well taken care of from start to finish.

In the Houston, TX area, both residential and commercial property owners agree the best construction company to approach when you want comprehensive services, friendly customer service, and great value, is Metal Mang Construction. For many years we have been the go-to company when it comes to exceptional remodeling services that are built on experience, quality, and durability. We lead the industry when it comes to exceptional value at affordable prices.

At Metal Mang Construction, we believe in providing uncompromising quality at all times. We employ only highly-trained and dedicated service staff and technicians who strive to uphold the highest levels of workmanship at all times.

Our staff offers courteous and friendly service to provide you with the best experience possible when you use Metal Mang Construction. for your general construction and remodeling projects. When you consider our track record, the value of our services, and our pricing, no other contractor in the Houston, TX region can match our service. “We believe quality is a habit not just an act!”

Get in on the best savings in the construction and remodeling industry and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is receiving top-notch service from a reliable and reputable contractor. Give Metal Mang Construction a ring today or go to our contact page!

The Beauty of Patio Umbrellas

There are many reasons why you should get a patio umbrella. A patio umbrella is a kind of outdoor umbrella that is used for protection from rain and sunlight. It can also be utilized as a cover for a certain area. It is commonly used in gardens and in the marketplace.

There are also many places where patio umbrellas are used. You can certainly find one in motels, restaurants, and resorts. Many homeowners use this umbrella outdoors as well. Patio umbrellas are not just regular umbrellas. They are more colourful and wider than the regular ones. They are also available in different shapes. You can choose to have a round, square, or octagonal type of patio umbrella. It would all depend on your personal preference. Although patio umbrellas are generally huge in size, you can still choose to have a smaller one if you desire. Small-sized patio umbrellas can typically accommodate up to 4 persons. Patio umbrellas are normally attached to the ground with its based being supported by a tilting attachment.

Modern patio umbrellas already come in different designs. You can even customize your own if you want to. Usually, patio umbrellas are used as covering for the table. You can see many of these at hotels or resorts. This kind of patio umbrellas can be closed manually through a handle that is usually located at the middle of the base. There are also modern patio umbrellas today that have electric auto push-up system. This means that the umbrella can be open and closed electronically in just a single switch.

Patio umbrellas differ not only by design, size, or shape. They may also differ in fabric materials. There are patio umbrellas that are made of polyester and acrylic fabric materials while others are made of porous and vinyl fabric. Added coatings are added on the outer layer of the umbrella for stain resistance. UV coatings are also known to create an added protection against ultraviolet rays. If you need a patio umbrella for heat protection, it is best to go with light-colored ones. Patio umbrellas that are used in beach resorts typically use light-colors because they reflect heat. For restaurants, however, darker ones can be used.

Standard patio umbrellas can be easily purchased at your local store or online. They are also very easy to install so you can do it on your own after purchasing. However, if you want to have the modern kinds of patio umbrellas, you will need professional assistance for its installation. Electronic and automated patio umbrellas have complex designs so you should leave its installation to the experts.

Modern patio umbrellas can be quite costly, although the price usually varies on the manufacturer. But there are patio umbrellas that are quite affordable. They even come with warranties from their manufacturers once you purchase them. If you are lucky enough, you can even get one with freebie items. A furniture umbrella can be yours in just a cheap price. You can start looking online for the best deals.

Bathroom Resurfacing FAQs

With the rise in demand for bathroom renovations, renovators have taken the advantage to significantly raise the prices. For this reason, most Americans have opted for bathroom resurfacing which is relatively cheaper. This has seen most renovators heavily investing in it, since they have realized that it is the best way that people can change the overall look of their bathrooms without having to break their banks.

Do you have an old bathroom in your home that you want to give a new look? You can decide to remodel it, but sometimes, resurfacing is the best option. The following are the answers to your most bathroom resurfacing questions.

What is the bathroom resurfacing process?

  • This method works through the following process
  • Applying a new coating or finish to bathroom surfaces
  • Cleaning of the surface, and applying a primer
  • Applying a durable finishing which can be plain or color coded.

What I resurface?

Most bathroom surfaces can be refinished including;

  • Bench tops
  • Shower recesses
  • Wall tiles
  • Bath tabs
  • Basins

What materials can I use?

Many distinct materials can be used including;

  • Porcelain
  • Vitreous enamel
  • Ceramic
  • Laminates
  • Tiles and,
  • Metals

Can I resurface my bathroom all by myself?

Honestly, this is a question that is most common when it comes to bathroom resurfacing. For a fact, some bathroom resurfacing designs are quite easy and require very little or no expertise hence you can do it all by yourself. however, there is need to seek the services of a professional bathroom resurfacing expert, if all you want is to ensure that your bathroom gets the best finishes possible. If you need a top-rate bathroom renovation contractor, check out this site.

Can I resurface my bathroom floor tiles?

Most people think of floor tiles whenever they hear the word resurfacing. Whereas it is most prevalent in America, the fact is that your bathroom receives massive traffic every day hence experts recommend that it is not done since coating can wear out faster.

Will bathroom resurfacing hide damage?

Bathroom resurfacing will surely hide minor cracks, chips and other damage, if only the damage was repaired correctly before applying the resurfacing material. If the damage is major however, it is advisable to replace rather than replace.

Do I need to employ professional cleaners or use special cleaning agents for my resurfaced bathroom?

Well, cleaning your newly resurfaced bathroom is a DIY project. You do not need to employ a professional to do it for you. All you need to do is to make use of abrasive cleaners that dissolves hard water deposits and fats. Make sure that the cleaning agent is completely rinsed off. NEVER use scouring or abrasive pads to clean the surfaces because they might wear off the coatings.

How much does bathroom resurfacing cost?

The cost of resurfacing your bathroom is dependent on, many factors but on average, expect to pay 70% less than replacing all the items in the bathroom.

Can I use the bathroom immediately after resurfacing?

You cannot use the bathroom immediately after resurfacing. Depending on the curing time needed and type of resurfacing system used, you will have to wait for 8-48 hours before you can use your bathroom again.

How long does a resurfaced bathroom last?

Depending on the type of product used and the level of maintenance, a resurfaced bathroom can last for up to 20 years.

Garage Flooring: Sealing it Up

The floor in the garage is exposed to a wide range of different things such as auto fluids, oils, road salt, and this can really cause a lot of deterioration as well as corrosion. So you will want to consider sealing the garage floor, as this will make cleaning a lot easier and it will also protect your garage floor as well.

Things like stains and damage will become a thing of the past when you are using a top notch acrylic concrete sealer on your garage floor.  You will also be able to use these sealers for your driveways, concrete walkways, or even as a primer for your polyurethane or acrylic floor paint as well. An important note that you should consider regarding these sealers, is that you will not be able to apply over another coating or over paint.

So if you plan on sealing the floor on your own, then you will want to make sure that you have the right tools and materials available, such as: concrete degrease, medium nap roller cover, a tray, paint roller with an extension handle, small particle filters, organic vapor filters, cartridge style respirator, paintbrush, bucket, stiff brush, goggles, neoprene rubber gloves, protective clothing, and also the garage floor sealer as well. You will need about half a gallon of garage floor sealer for around one hundred square feet.

The very first thing you will want to do when you are going to seal your garage floor is to properly prepare it. This means removing all of the oil, grease, and dirt from the garage floor, this can be done by using some different types of products such as degreaser and a good hose. There are some special chemicals you can use in order to make the process quicker, but make sure to wear protective clothing if you want to go this route.

Once you are finished preparing the garage floor and cleaning it, you will now be able to apply your sealer to it. Before you apply the sealer, make sure you test it in a hidden area first, to see how it will look. Also, when you apply the sealer make sure you keep the density the same; otherwise it will look obvious because some parts with thicker density will be darker than the parts with lighter density. The easiest method to apply the sealer onto the garage floor is to use a medium nap paint roller that has an extension handle. And once you are finished applying the sealer, make sure you give it a couple days to dry before you using the floor. And that is how you seal your garage floor.

New Ideas for Old Patios

If you have an existing patio space that needs a little tender loving care or a little refurbishing, a lot of creativity can go a long way.

You can refurbish an old patio floor in many different ways and even change the space so that it is reinvented and reusable.

Fire Pits

If you have a patio that is uncovered and wish to utilize the space for something more than just a folding chair and table, then a fire pit might be the right choice for you. Having a professional come in and install a fire pit will create a totally different look and feel to your already existing patio.

Fire pits are great ways to entertain company, making them feel comfortable and cozy as they sit around it. There are countless ways to create a fire pit using brick, stone, and many other materials.


If you have an existing patio floor to use as your base, you could incorporate the design of a gazebo in that space. A gazebo comes in many forms such as wooden, PVC, wrought iron, trellis, and lattice, to name but just a few. Gazebos also come in traditional, Chinese, Victorian, and dozens of other styles – from contemporary to classic. The opportunities for adding a gazebo to an already existing dead space patio are many.

Curtains, plants, fire pits, and furniture of every style and color added to your gazebo make it customizable to you, your family, and your tastes.

Indoor Furniture Outdoors

Long gone are the days where patio furniture was made only out of plastic with removable cushions. When entertaining outdoors, you can use sofas, easy chairs, and even recliners with plenty of comfortable throw pillows added into the mix. As long as you make plans to install an awning or covering of some sort (see below), your furniture is well protected.

Some homeowners are bringing almost an entire stainless steel kitchen equipped with massive barbeque grill, hood range, and wet bar onto their covered patio.


If you have a patio that is a dead space, one of the greatest ways that it will serve you better is to create an awning for that space. An awning provides coverage from weather such as sun, wind, and rain, and provides a comfortable and cozy feel.

Awnings are stationary as well as retractable.


One of the greatest and most inexpensive ways to spruce up an old patio is to decorate according to seasons. Having a patio chock full of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns during fall is inspiring, making the season all the more festive.

These are just a few ways to use up old space in the form of an existing patio.

Arborist Aurora IL

From what we heard, people are very impressed with the work of an arborist Aurora IL. Even if you have a small house and no space, these guys are such experts that they won’t have any troubles helping you.

If you have a tree that is drying or is already dried, you should call these guys and they will take care of the tree. They have all the gear that is needed for taking down the trees. From the chain saws all the way to the ear plugs. And don’t worry about the mess, they will clean it up after they are done.

You may ask yourself why did we mention all of that? Well, you should know that February is the month to get involved in your garden. This is the month when people start planting and replanting, and it is time for maintenance of your garden and your trees. People try to plant new trees and cut the old ones.

They tend to plan their gardens and yards and move plants in order to get the best out of them. The point is that, after cutting, trees and plants are getting extra energy to regrow. One more reason for doing this is that trees are going to be more protected from wind damage. If you have summer flowering shrubs, you can prune them. If you don’t do that there is a big chance that you will lost this year’s display.

If you have climbers, you should cut them back. That will get them out of your windows, gutters, doors and roof tiles. You need to know that this is the last month for hardwood cuttings. If you have some, check the cuttings that were taken last year because they may need planting or even potting to.

In order to protect your garden and your yard, you need to put some rabbit guards around the trees that are just planted. Inspect the trees for some kind of sickness or holes. If you have fungi on the trees you will be able to see them much easily in this time of the year.

For more info, go to: this can help you. One more thing that is important is that you notice coral spots on the leaves. This problem is considered to be connected with poor ventilation. You should also check for any signs of damage or cankers.



Getting Extra Space by Adding a Patio

When your home has a kitchen that is backwards facing with sliding doors to your backyard, then that is the ideal position for you to add in a patio to grant you more space in your home.

You don’t have to go for anything fancy with your patio; it doesn’t necessarily have to be sophisticated as you main concern is just to get extra space.

How Patios Provide Additional Space

Patios can give your home extra space and an extension to provide barbecues and entertain visitors as well.

You can keep your guests in this area instead of hanging out in the kitchen where they won’t feel too comfortable. These spaces are ideal for guests in so many ways. They will surely feel the beauty of the day while hanging out in this space. You notice them try to flock to your patio because it will just provide the most wondrous energy for them to spend the day. This is a really popular area in homes these days.

This is something that will provide you space for anything that you want to do. Men can use them for outdoor man caves. This is a perfect area to have ‘guy talk’ while enjoying barbecue and some wine as well.

You can experience how nice the weather is when you spend time in this area. It’s also pretty easy to clean up because you’d only be limited to doing so outside. A few trips to the garbage would surely do it.

You won’t have too many people in your kitchen because they’ll all be hanging out outside.

Patios for Storage Space

These areas are also ideal storage spaces for belongings you and your family members no longer seem to be using as well. You can even customize their construction to make sure they can be transformed into such an area when no longer used for outdoor gatherings. This would be perfect for storing items that are no longer being used in any way.

Adding patios will truly make your home a lot more functional in so many ways.

These are areas which you can use to store garden tools and the like. The possibilities of what you can store are just endless so make sure to take advantage of that.

You be able to free space in your home for more important purposes rather than storing items which aren’t even using for time being.

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Common Signs that Your Roof Needs Repair Immedietely

There are obvious signs that your roof needs repair or replacements, for instance, when there is a big hole in the roof, or the entire section of the roof is gone, then, of course, you need to repair the hole or replace the section. However there are those things that you cannot tell whether they need immediate attention, or they are simple things that you don’t need to worry about.

So, here let’s have a brief look on the some of the signs that calls for roof repairs,

High Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills are increasing exponentially year after year, then there are chances that your roof might have something to blame. Technically, your roof acts as an insulator to your house, and if there are holes that allow warm or cold air to enter, its effectiveness is reduced. Check your attic and look for drafts or unnecessary air into that area from the ceiling. If you ignore cracks, this will not only increase your utility bills soon but also your heating and cooling system will experience expensive mechanical failures.


Dark spots on the roof

This is something many homeowners tell to ignore, but it always an indication of significant damage to the roof. Dark patches can be due to loss of granules from the shingles either during installation or due to an aging roof. To avoid serious damages to your home, any sign of dark spots to your roof calls for immediate repairs.

Curling and clawing shingles

This is one among the sure signs that you need roof repairs or even replacement. The primary purpose of the roof is to provide a barrier between the outside weather elements and the inside. So, clawing or clawing shingle simply means that the barrier is compromised due to weather changes over time, or maybe there was improper initial installation, or poor roofing materials, either way, you need to call a repairman immediately for inspection.


Interior and exterior paint peeling

If you attic is poorly ventilated, then it’s going to experience crashing humidity or high temperatures, which will definitely damage your roof. One sign that your attic is not properly ventilated is peeling or blistering paint. This might also be an indication that that your gutter system is falling. While many homeowners consider repainting, this may not solve anything.

There are some few other obvious signs that homeowners actually overlook, this includes;

• Rodent activities- if you find any rodent activities in your attic, for instance, bats, then you need to consider calling a profession to inspect the cause and take necessary action which will include repair and of course dealing with the rodent.

• Sagging rafters- Many at times, this calls for replacement, but there are situations that repair may be necessary

• Light coming from the roof- of course, this is an obvious sign, and when ignored can get worse over time.

• Discoloration- As soon as you notice discoloration on walls and ceilings, there are chances that your roof is allowing moisture to your house which definitely causes stains. Replacement might be necessary, but repair may also work out. Call a roof expert to know the best cause of action.

There are many more signs that call for roof repairs and the only way to be sure is to call a profession for an inspection. Just remember that the reason your roof need repair in the first place may be due to poor installation, so don’t mistake again, get the right roof repair company.

5 Benefits Of Hiring Professional Electrical Contractors

Whether you are giving electrical supply to a new house or whether it’s a repair, it is not advisable to carry out electrical jobs on your own. One important thing that you should always bear in mind is that electricity handling is a specialized industry. Therefore, it requires specialized personnel. This is the main reason why even the biggest firms in Australia go for professional electrical contractors to carry out these tasks.


Professional electrical contractors will offer you quality commercial, industrial and residential electrical installation, repair and maintenance services. Other than that, you will also be entitled to enjoy other important benefits. This brief article will bring you up to speed with the benefits of hiring a trusted electrical contractor in Australia.

1. Excellent job

A professional electrical contractor is well equipped with the knowledge and skills required to deal with any electrical problem. This is mainly because they undergo intensive training on installation, repairs and maintenance of electrical tasks before they are licensed. When working with an expert, you are guaranteed to receive an excellent job.

2. An up to standard job

As you are aware, the Australian government has set up stringent measures and codes which cover all electrical activities done within its borders. The best thing about hiring a professional electrical contractor is that he or she knows where and how to get the required permits. Furthermore, they have also build contact with the local inspector who will always come to inspect the job. The advantage of this is that you are sure the contractor will carry out a safe and up to standard job.

3. Safety

Going for just any other electrician to save a few bucks isn’t recommended. This is because you are likely to compromise the service you will receive. Furthermore, you will also be compromising the safety of your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Even though hiring professional electrical contractors can be more expensive, you should never comprise on safety and quality work. Professional will always offer you value for your money. Furthermore, they also offer warranty for their services.

4. Surety bond

Another benefit of hiring professional electrical contractors is that you will get a surety bond. This is a good idea because you will get paid if the contractor fails to complete the job, or if he or she does a shoddy job. Remember, there are certain things that may arise if the electrical job is done in a haphazard manner. Thus, it is an advantage to you if you hire a professional electrical contractor who has liability insurance. This will offer you protection, especially if the electrician suffers from injuries while working at your premise. In addition, you will also get compensation when your property is damaged.


5. Reliability

Reliability simply means that you can be sure that the installed electrical systems will run effectively for a long time as they were designed to do. Professional contractors are trained in installing, handling and maintaining such electric systems thus ensuring that they run effectively.

Well, those are some of the benefits of hiring professional electrical contractors. I hope the information has being of great use.

Home Building and Remodeling pitfalls committed by Do It Yourself’ers

home building by DIY'erHome building and remodeling projects done by the Do-It-Yourselfer such as plumbing and concreting is currently on the rise. Current economic conditions are a large contributing factor. In many cases homeowners think that they can save a lot of money if they do it themselves. They ask themselves how hard can it be after all and I will save a ton?

With that saved money homeowners are hoping that they can get all the home they wished for. Unfortunately, homeowners often discover that they don’t get exactly what they wished for. Instead they fall short due to honest mistakes and lack of experience.

There are several factors that cause homeowners to choose the DIY route to build a home or remodel:

  • I have past construction experience
  • I will save money
  • I manage projects at work so I can run a simple kitchen, addition or new home project
  • My friends will help me
  • I watched DIY TV shows
  • I went to a Big Box store and took a seminar
  • I bought some books
  • I am smarter than a simple carpenter or remodeler so I can manage them

With the availability of knowledge on the web, most homeowners feel they can find the answers and solutions for most questions about building or remodeling. Many homeowners are lulled into an unreliable sense of confidence that they can do any project on their own. One should move with caution and prudence before going too far down the path of building. Even the most savvy homeowner (or land owner) should consider the potential pitfalls they face before taking on such an endeavor.

Here are 10 pitfalls to consider and avoid before you take on your own DIY project:

  1. Budget: not determining and verifying the funding needed to complete the project.
  2. Plans: not developing and completing a full set of plans with scope of work and product selections. Unclear scope of work and incomplete plans cause disputes and change orders.
  3. Building Codes: not understanding all codes and local requirements.
  4. Scheduling: not planning the schedule and sequencing of trades.
  5. Timely purchasing and delivery of materials: not doing this will cause delays, loss of money and trade frustrations.
  6. Industry Knowledge: not being familiar with standard building techniques and means & methods can lead to building inspector rejecting completed work.
  7. Knowledge of the right trades: accessibility and familiarity with the RIGHT subs. Typically subs work for other contractors and service them better than homeowners running their own job.
  8. Contractor credentials: not verifying liability insurance, workmen’s compensation, licensing and required certifications. Jobs can be shut down if you have contractors working illegally or unsafe on your site by OSHA, DIA, DLS and local inspectors.
  9. Sub-contractor agreements: not ensuring that each trade is encumbered by a legal binding contract clearly describing terms, responsibilities and payment schedules.
  10. Relationships with officials: not having a relationship with building officials, and understanding their expectations. Most building officials frown on homeowners running their own projects.

The bottom line is even though you are a savvy do-it-yourselfer with some experience in construction and Project Management in your own career, taking on your own project involves numerous risks you may not be prepared for.
Don’t be left making any costly mistakes. You can still oversee the project yourself with an experienced industry expert at your disposal throughout the project. You decide the level of involvement.

Work with a company that offers Construction Management and/or Homeowner Consulting and Coaching Services to reduce your risks. It is possible to be involved with building or remodeling the house of your dreams and also be equipped with the proper guidance and knowledge to protect your assets.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen DesignKitchen design is a complex yet exciting process for you as a homeowner. It is the opportunity to express how you want your kitchen to be. Kitchen design is combination of beautiful design elements without losing its sense of purpose.  Although kitchen design has a utilitarian feel, it is done in an elegant way that homeowners can easily appreciate its appeal.  There is balance between the decorative elements and the functional aspects in a kitchen design.

When dealing with kitchen design and remodeling project, good communications between designer, builder and homeowner is the one of the factors that makes the project successful.  Great customer service in a kitchen design company can guide homeowners in making important decisions in a kitchen design project. On the homeowner’s part, it is easier to deal with a designer and builder with an organized process in completing a kitchen design project.  What makes homeowners trust their kitchen design contractor is the efficiency of the process.

When the homeowner feels that the kitchen design project is done with utmost professionalism and craftsmanship, there is less resistance on the part of the homeowner when agreeing to kitchen design suggestions of the designer.  This is not to say the homeowners are easily swayed by kitchen design ideas of a designer.  It is only because with good communications, there is great understanding on the kitchen design ideas of the homeowner that a designer can easily execute them in a kitchen design plan.

A premiere design company specializing in kitchen design projects is Barnes Building and Remodeling.  It is a kitchen design company that uses innovative computer-aided design tools in kitchen design plans so that clients can visualize how their space will look upon completion. Their effective renovation methods are possible by assigning a Lead Carpenter in every kitchen design project. This ensures the client that there is a single point person responsible for the kitchen design project.

Three Major Reasons for Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

Palma Sola LocksmithA professional commercial locksmith provides a broad range of services and solutions to real estate and business holdings. If you believe that the information and records of your company are at any risk or if you want to the former employees of your business from accessing confidential information, you should hire services of this professional. Whether you are a property owner, an apartment or condo manager, you will need services of a locksmith at some point. Some of the major reasons for hiring locksmith services for your commercial property include the following:

Installation of the latest access systems

If you want to install a new access system or lock system on your commercial property, you should hire a professional that offers locksmith services to commercial property owners. The locksmith will install outdoor security locks and indoor locks. They can install keyless locks that are currently a preference for most people. With thieves becoming more technical, it is important to ensure that you have the best lock system. Only a professionally qualified and experienced locksmith will install the best access system in your property and maintain it properly.

Repairing the existing access system

A professional locksmith that specializes in offering services to commercial establishments offers repair services as well. Using locks consistently in offices leads to high-risk damages. Keys can break inside the locks, and damaged locks can make accessing commercial properties difficult. If you do not want to replace the entire access system, you can have the damaged key removed, or some lock parts replaced. This will leave your access system functioning efficiently and effectively.

Business and office lockouts

Managers lose keys to business buildings. If you do not get the help of a professional locksmith promptly, your company will lose customer, revenue and profits. A locksmith that offers commercial services will grant you access to the building within the shortest time possible. The locksmith will also ensure that your commercial property is fitted with the latest locks or modern keyless access systems. A good locksmith identifies the ever-changing security risks that commercial establishments face and come up with the most ideal solutions.

The best locksmiths that offer services to commercial establishments are available 24/7. They know that cases of lockouts or forgetting keys inside commercial properties occur anytime. You can never have peace of mind until you get keys to your commercial premises. These professionals are experienced in opening different locks, installing high-end access systems and fixing various problems. Contact a professional commercial locksmith if you need any help with your keys to your commercial property, locks or your entire access system.


Contractors of the Concrete Driveway

Stamped Concrete DrivewayConcrete is a material in which it is a mixture of water and cement which is cooled off to harden. One of the most essential uses of this concrete is making driveways. Driveways, to simply put are a short road that leads to a public or private area, but these driveways are easily broken this is where a concrete driveway contractor comes in. A concrete driveway contractor is person who is given the job to provide workers with materials and perform a service or job regarding the making or repairing of driveways.

Whenever a driveway is needed to be made or whenever a driveway is broken it is not the worker that is contacted directly, all arrangements and plans regarding the driveway repair or the making of the driveway needs to be consulted to the concrete driveway contractors. Without the concrete driveway contractors the workers would have no job and the driveway would not be made the way the client wants it to be. To have the correct kind of driveway you would want, you would need to go through processes to determine the size of the road, the material to be mixed, the design of the concrete and the color of the concrete.

These concrete driveway contractors could provide people with services like:

  • Repairs for the driveways.
  • Making of the driveways.
  • Redesigning, changing, and improving of driveways.

Concrete driveway contractors in Houston could work for anybody may it be for the government or just a plain folk. Concrete driveway contractors could take any job, there is no job that they are not able to do when it comes to driveways, for that is their specialty. These concrete driveway contractors have the right tools and materials to satisfy a client with their work and to finish the job within the given time span. With these tools and materials these contract driveway contractors would never disappoint a client and would even sometimes exceed a client’s expectations.

Concrete driveway contractors may be expensive to hire, but there is nothing to worry about because all the money that you invested to them would not go to waste for driveways may it be repairs, redesigning, or making is their specialty and concrete driveway contractors always try to satisfy their clients with their specialty. These concrete driveway contractors efficiently do their job in terms of time, use of materials and doing the clients request. Due to these reasons concrete driveway contractors never disappoint a client in all aspects of his or her work. If you are looking for a first class concrete contractor in Houston, we recommend AAA Concreting. You can find out more their services in Houston or contact them for a free home consultation by calling (713) 352-1604.

Concrete driveway contractors are very important in our society today for they provide us with quality work in their field of expertise. Another reason is that driveways are easily broken and there are a lot of places in which a driveway is required and the best person for these jobs is the concrete driveway contractors. We must never hesitate to hire a concrete driveway contractor when we need a driveway to be made, fixed or redesigned because they will never disappoint when we hire them in the field in which they are experts.

Brand Information

AAA Concreting is a national concrete company, offering a full range of concrete installation and repair services. In Houston, they can be contacted at the following address:

1450 West Sam Houston Pkwy N #112
Houston, TX 77043

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Standard Garage Door Installation Tips

liftmasterGarage doors are heavy, large and complicated. These doors are effective in ensuring the safety of your vehicle and the convenience of opening and closing them without straining yourself too much. Most companies that sell these doors offer after sale services where they deliver the door, remove your old one and install the new garage door. This is done according to your agreement with the company. There are those companies that will install your new door for free while there are those that will demand an extra charge for these services. If you choose to install the door yourself, this article will offer you garage door installation tips to assist you in the process.
1. Attach the weather stripping to the bottom edge, and set the doorway. Fix the door in by driving in nails in such a way that they hold the door in place. You should then attach the hinges to the top edge of your door.

2. Assemble the tracks. There are horizontal, vertical and curved tracks to allow your door to move easily. Install them properly and avoid any bending that could inhibit the door from running properly on the tracks.

3. After the tracks are properly installed, the rollers should follow. Ensure that you have put the necessary brackets in place to give the rollers a stop. You should then proceed to slip the vertical track on one side and do the same on the other side.

4. Get the second section of the door and install the rollers. Lift the door and set it in place. You might need help here as it gets heavy and at the same time you will need to ensure that it is leveled.

5. You should then proceed to fasten hinges between the first section and the second section. A power drill and a screw driver will come handy here.

6. By now you will have caught the drill. Get the third section, and using the same procedure, install it. Ensure that all the sections are level, including the tracks. Top plates of both vertical plates should be firmly screwed in the frame for support as the door exerts a lot of pressure as it moves up and down.

7. The jamb brackets should be fastened to the frame. Ensure that the screws dig deep to offer much needed support but at this moment do not tighten them as you might need to adjust the tracks.

8. Do some measurements to ensure you got it to the right height and then install the curved tracks which should then be followed by the horizontal tracks. Install the hanger on the ceiling above the horizontal track. Do more measurements to see how far your door goes then cut the excess track. Do the same on the other side.

9. Your garage door is installed and you should now open it and close it a few times to ensure it is running properly. If satisfied, you should then tighten all the fasteners to hold it firmly in place.

You can install your door on your own as it is not that hard of a task. The door also comes with a manual and if you use it properly with these garage door installation tips, you can’t go wrong. Or if you want to be extra safe, call professionals. They will charge you extra for their services but it is worth it, as they will guarantee you quality. Click here for more information.

Recovering for Unforeseen Site Conditions on Your Construction Project

construction projectSeveral of my clients lately have run into issues with differing site conditions.  How you as a contractor or owner deal with these issues depends largely on the language in your contract. There are several things you must consider when evaluating a potential changed site condition on your project:

1. What is a changed site condition?

Determining what actually is a changed site condition depends largely on what information was provided by the owner to the contractor at the time the project was negotiated or bid. If the initial information provided by the owner included geotechnical investigations or other site investigations, you need to review those to determine what initial information was provided to the contractor. You then can compare that information to what is actually encountered at the site.

For example, if a geotechnical report indicates loose, sandy soil throughout the construction depth and the contractor encounters a large boulder three (3) feet below the surface, this is obviously a changed condition.

However, it is more difficult to determine if a changed condition includes a difference in “loose, sandy soil” and “sandy soil with gravel.” In those situations, one of the main factors which determine whether this was a changed condition is whether that change significantly affected the construction procedures or means and methods of construction. For example, if the foundation system had to be changed from a spread footing to a deep foundation because of the change in soil conditions, this could be viewed as a changed site condition.

2. What does your contract say about changed site conditions?

Construction contracts contain widely varying allocations of risk for subsurface site conditions. This largely depends on the type of project delivery method used by the owner and contractor (i.e., design–bid–build, design-build, fast track, or other project delivery system). Before construction starts, you need to understand what risk allocation is being allocated to you in order to properly prepare.

A recent decision in federal court denied recovery to a contractor on a federal project in Hawaii. See Metcalf Construction Co., Inc. v. United States, 102 Fed. CL 334 (2011). In Metcalf, the contractor had a contract to construct 188 housing units.  It was a design-build contract. The geotechnical report provided by the government indicated that the surface soils had a “slight expansion potential.” As it turns out, the soils on the site were highly expandable and different foundation systems were required to properly construct the housing units.

Metcalf made a claim to the government for these additional costs which were over $4 million.  The government denied the request and Metcalf appealed to the federal claims court. The claims court ultimately held that Metcalf had no right to the additional cost because the soils report was for informational purposes only and the contractor had an obligation to perform its own geotechnical investigation after the project was awarded.

There are important lessons owners and contractors can learn from this case. The primary lesson is to ensure you know exactly what subsurface information is being provided prior to construction.  In Metcalf, the contractor essentially relied solely on the government’s information in preparing its bid. The government’s position was that those reports were not binding. The contractor likely could have performed some additional minimal investigations on the project to determine the actual soil conditions before submitting its bid and signing the contract. Thus, the lesson is before a contractor commits to a project, be sure you know exactly what information is being provided to you and determine whether you need to perform any additional investigation before giving your final price.

Another issue that many contractors overlook is the absolute essential element of providing timely notice of unforeseen subsurface conditions. Standard AIA documents allow twenty-one (21) days to report differing site conditions.  Many construction contracts require immediate notice of any differing conditions.  The purpose of these notice provisions is to allow the parties to come together to reach a joint decision regarding how to proceed. If a contractor does not provide that notice, there is no opportunity for the owner to decide what direction to take.

Unforeseen site conditions can cause major problems on your construction site. However, if you take the proper steps to mitigate your risks beforehand and promptly give notice of any conditions you can avoid, many of the costs and expenses associated with the necessary changes to deal with those subsurface conditions.

Try Not to Be a Jerk on Your Construction Site: Lessons from an Attorney’s Practice

working on a construction siteOne of my early mentors as a lawyer gave me some advice about dealing with adverse parties and clients.  His advice was…“Always be yourself, unless you’re a jerk, then try to be someone else.”  If you find yourself either being a jerk or encountering a jerk, I find it is helpful to take a step back, come up with a reasonable plan forward, and execute it for your client’s best interest.

A big part of my practice is construction and environmental litigation.  In one case I have pending, after several months of working with multiple counsel for Plaintiffs, it became clear that we would not be able to come to an agreement on several issues.  So, we filed motions with the Court requesting the Court to order Plaintiffs to do certain things in the lawsuit.  Instead of reaching out to us and attempting to amicably resolve the dispute, one of the counsel for plaintiffs sent an email attempting to make me look “silly” for even filing the motion. Plaintiffs also filed an opposition to my motion with the court which essentially made the same disparaging remarks.

I know that many of my contractor clients face similar issues on their job sites.  No matter how well intentioned you are in trying to resolve a dispute and keep a project moving forward, there will always be people who want to act as a roadblock to progress and raise unwarranted issues.

We see this all the time with change order processes.  Sometimes when a contractor proposes a change order others on involved in the project cause issues with getting that change order resolved simply because of their personality.  The key to dealing with situations like that is to keep processing your normal procedures in compliance with your contract terms.  Make sure you continue sending the notices as required by your contract and as is reasonable on your project. You can also escalate the issue to someone with higher authority if it is appropriate.

Try not to get heavily involved in a “spitting match” with a party that cannot be reasoned with.  You have to accept that they will not be satisfied with anything, so all you can do is do the right thing by your client and your procedures.