Garage Flooring: Sealing it Up

The floor in the garage is exposed to a wide range of different things such as auto fluids, oils, road salt, and this can really cause a lot of deterioration as well as corrosion. So you will want to consider sealing the garage floor, as this will make cleaning a lot easier and it will also protect your garage floor as well.

Things like stains and damage will become a thing of the past when you are using a top notch acrylic concrete sealer on your garage floor.  You will also be able to use these sealers for your driveways, concrete walkways, or even as a primer for your polyurethane or acrylic floor paint as well. An important note that you should consider regarding these sealers, is that you will not be able to apply over another coating or over paint.

So if you plan on sealing the floor on your own, then you will want to make sure that you have the right tools and materials available, such as: concrete degrease, medium nap roller cover, a tray, paint roller with an extension handle, small particle filters, organic vapor filters, cartridge style respirator, paintbrush, bucket, stiff brush, goggles, neoprene rubber gloves, protective clothing, and also the garage floor sealer as well. You will need about half a gallon of garage floor sealer for around one hundred square feet.

The very first thing you will want to do when you are going to seal your garage floor is to properly prepare it. This means removing all of the oil, grease, and dirt from the garage floor, this can be done by using some different types of products such as degreaser and a good hose. There are some special chemicals you can use in order to make the process quicker, but make sure to wear protective clothing if you want to go this route.

Once you are finished preparing the garage floor and cleaning it, you will now be able to apply your sealer to it. Before you apply the sealer, make sure you test it in a hidden area first, to see how it will look. Also, when you apply the sealer make sure you keep the density the same; otherwise it will look obvious because some parts with thicker density will be darker than the parts with lighter density. The easiest method to apply the sealer onto the garage floor is to use a medium nap paint roller that has an extension handle. And once you are finished applying the sealer, make sure you give it a couple days to dry before you using the floor. And that is how you seal your garage floor.