Metal Mang Construction

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Services & Capabilities

In 30 years we have grown from a modest general contracting company to a highly respected leader in the construction industry for this region.

Metal Mang Construction is a full service construction firm specializing in both commercial and industrial construction. Our reputation as a leader in the industry is based on our greatest asset, our people and their ability to perform as a team to provide expertise and experience in complex situations.

A key element to our success has been our total commitment to the safety and well being of our people and our community. In order for us to facilitate our goals, we are continually looking for improvements in methodologies, ideas and processes and aligning with innovative, cutting edge technologies that provide value added services to our clients.

Our experience in the construction industry is broad. We have the technical capabilities to perform engineered steel buildings, masonry structures, and concrete and wood structure type projects. We have also performed numerous pre-engineered projects for which we were responsible for all or part of the design.

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