Standard Garage Door Installation Tips

liftmasterGarage doors are heavy, large and complicated. These doors are effective in ensuring the safety of your vehicle and the convenience of opening and closing them without straining yourself too much. Most companies that sell these doors offer after sale services where they deliver the door, remove your old one and install the new garage door. This is done according to your agreement with the company. There are those companies that will install your new door for free while there are those that will demand an extra charge for these services. If you choose to install the door yourself, this article will offer you garage door installation tips to assist you in the process.
1. Attach the weather stripping to the bottom edge, and set the doorway. Fix the door in by driving in nails in such a way that they hold the door in place. You should then attach the hinges to the top edge of your door.

2. Assemble the tracks. There are horizontal, vertical and curved tracks to allow your door to move easily. Install them properly and avoid any bending that could inhibit the door from running properly on the tracks.

3. After the tracks are properly installed, the rollers should follow. Ensure that you have put the necessary brackets in place to give the rollers a stop. You should then proceed to slip the vertical track on one side and do the same on the other side.

4. Get the second section of the door and install the rollers. Lift the door and set it in place. You might need help here as it gets heavy and at the same time you will need to ensure that it is leveled.

5. You should then proceed to fasten hinges between the first section and the second section. A power drill and a screw driver will come handy here.

6. By now you will have caught the drill. Get the third section, and using the same procedure, install it. Ensure that all the sections are level, including the tracks. Top plates of both vertical plates should be firmly screwed in the frame for support as the door exerts a lot of pressure as it moves up and down.

7. The jamb brackets should be fastened to the frame. Ensure that the screws dig deep to offer much needed support but at this moment do not tighten them as you might need to adjust the tracks.

8. Do some measurements to ensure you got it to the right height and then install the curved tracks which should then be followed by the horizontal tracks. Install the hanger on the ceiling above the horizontal track. Do more measurements to see how far your door goes then cut the excess track. Do the same on the other side.

9. Your garage door is installed and you should now open it and close it a few times to ensure it is running properly. If satisfied, you should then tighten all the fasteners to hold it firmly in place.

You can install your door on your own as it is not that hard of a task. The door also comes with a manual and if you use it properly with these garage door installation tips, you can’t go wrong. Or if you want to be extra safe, call professionals. They will charge you extra for their services but it is worth it, as they will guarantee you quality. Click here for more information.